70th Anniversary of the Declaration Human Rights

I am proud to be included in an exhibition commissioned by The United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in celebration of the closing of the 70th Anniversary of the Declaration Human Rights.

The Politics of Space

Presented by The Sculptors Guild in Collaboration with LIC-A; Opening Brunch Reception: Sunday, November 11, 1-4pm; Closing Reception/ Artists in Conversation: Sunday December 2nd, 2-4pm. — Janet Goldner, As Life Slips Away, Steel,  2017 — As Life Slips Away is a wall installation that pays homage to my mother who died in July 2017. I spent her last week with her in her home in California. …

Point of Water

Reception: Friday November 9, 7-9  The Point of Water is a wall installation that uses fabricated, recycled, and found steel objects. In Bamana thought in addition to north, south east and west there is a 5th cardinal point: the point of water. Access to water determines where villages are located.  The circle can be like a drop of rain, a symbol of water.  …

Residency in Ethiopia

I worked for 5 days at The Ethiopian Tire and Rubber Economic Plant (ETREP). I made 6 steel sculptures and 2 rubber pieces. It was a wonderful place to work. All this work poured out effortlessly. The factory art and industry program is the initiative of Gossa GS Oda, CEO of ETREP.

US/Mexican Border in Texas

In August, I spent 10 days on the US/Mexican Border in Texas. The trip follows my 2014 research trip to Arizona that resulted in my installation Fences & Neighbors. I spent 5 days in El Paso with Annunciation House, a nonprofit, volunteer organization that has been working with migrants and refugees since the 1970’s. We lived in a house that also welcomes migrants. They …

Collaborative Concepts 2D

Inez Andrucyk, Richard Brachman, Jean Brennan, Phil Cianci, Rebecca Darlington, Marcy Friedman,Janet Goldner, Anne Johann, Louise Kerr, Simone Kestelman, Karen Madden, Alison McNulty, Sharon Nakazato, Francine Perlman, Sheilah Rechtshaeffer, Stephen Rose, Cassandra Saulter, Chuck von Schmidt, Jill Shoffiett, Jon Bon Signore, Jim Thompson, Elizabeth White, Eva Whorley, Max Yawney, JoAnn Zwolski

SculptureNow 2018

Janet Goldner, Interesting Times, vinyl banners, 25′ x 4′, 2013 Interesting Times was made in 2013 around the time of the Arab Spring and anti-austerity movements in the US and Europe. Each of the 12 banners have the name of the country, images of the protests, and 2 images of cultural sites in those places.

Groupe Bogolan Kasobane: The Art of Clay from Mali

This exhibition of contemporary and traditional bogolan from Mali revolves around the contemporary bogolan paintings of the Groupe Bogolan Kasobane and the ancient origins of the ancestral Malian technique as women’s work. The exhibition also includes works by other artists who have been influenced by and collaborated with the Groupe. The show will introduce the Spanish public to the contemporary works …

Sympathetic Magic

Sympathetic Magic delves into the numinous and explores how different artists come to terms with the unseen through works that explore the bridge between the physical world and an invisible universe of memory and mystery. Curated by Elisa Decker. Mara Alper, Desirée Alvarez, Jermaine Amuquandoh, Susan Austad, SoHyun Bae, Andrea Cohen, Elisa Decker, Mary DeVincentis, Gwen Fabricant, Mary Frank, Ana Garcès Kiley, France Garrido, Janet Goldner, Nancy Goldring, Ruth Hardinger, Erica Harris, Aristedes …


A group of 25 diverse women artists were invited to create art about present conditions of DISILLUSIONMENT, whether personal, global, cultural, political or societal – addressing issues of deception, falseness, unfaithfulness, betrayal and treachery – with reference to wearing, inhabiting, being veiled, clothed, draped, revealed, exposed or wrapped in disillusion. Tomie Arai * Audrey Anastasi * Kabuya Bowens * Annex Burgos * Cybil Charlier …