Considering Migration: Tucson

Janet initiated a research trip to Tucson when immigration and the children were in the news. She just couldn’t stand it. Predictably, it has fallen out of the press. She had been thinking about immigration for a long time. Janet made a major public sculpture called “Most of US Are Immigrants” in the late 90’s. Then there is the issue of immigration for Mali and West Africa to Europe. So Janet was familiar with it the perspective of the departure country. But here she is in the destination country, another perspective. She helped a couple of Malians in immigration jail in the US. And of course there is the issue of Jews, intellectuals, artists fleeing Europe during WWII.

US Dept. of Arts & Culture Report: TO THE BORDER, With the Tucson Field Office

Constantino Morales Warned He Could Be Killed If He Was Deported. Then He Was.