Projects in AFRICA & in the US

A seasoned multi-sector development professional with over 20 years experience in Africa. Specializing in Community Empowerment, Conflict Resolution, Capacity Building, CVE with a focus on culture. Working with local people in the field for needs assessment and developing creative, sustainable, appropriate solutions combining local and international knowledge systems and methodologies.

Develop and manage collaborative projects with diverse partners and multidisciplinary, multiethnic teams to promote: Democracy and Governance, Education, Health, Small Business Development / Livelihoods, Women’s Empowerment and Leadership, Youth, Culture.

• Community Empowerment
• Conflict Resolution
• Capacity Building
• Project development
• Project management
• Training and Workshop Direction and Facilitation

Since her 1995 Fulbright Senior Research Fellowship, Janet has spent several months in Mali every year working on a variety of projects across sectors. An active participant in both American and Malian culture over the last twenty years, Janet’s world view is simultaneously American and Malian. Her collaboration with Malian artists has been the key to her experience and understanding of wider Malian culture.

Janet says. “We have let each other into our lives and our artistic process so all are simultaneously researcher and subject. Our common purpose has to do with cultural preservation. This work involves research into the past and bringing our findings into the present and the future as saved artifacts and concepts, ways of thinking and being and as contemporary works of art.