Take a Pause for Women’s Voices looks at select work of eight artists based who use materials to create stories. It features Rosy Petri, Donchellee Fulwood, Ghislaine Sabiti, Sika Foyer, Mulenga J. Mulenga, Taeesha Muhammad, Annick Duvivier, Janet Goldner, Kemi Adeyemi Wilson and Irene Christensen. Opening: Wednesday September 20, 2023, 5:30pm to 8pm Curated by Atim Annette Oton,

Woven Journey

Woven Journey celebrates Janet Goldner’s enduring artistic bond with West Africa, particularly Mali. Through photographs and text, the installation commemorates her first trip to the region 50 years ago and her ongoing creative exploration and cultural engagement. The immersive installation encapsulating the artist’s continued commitment to Mali, combining evocative photographs amassed over years and poignant excerpts from personal journals. Beginning in 1973 with a …

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Making Space

Making Space is an ongoing online exhibition curated by Sarah Haviland and Eileen Hoffman of the NY Artists Circle.  Sculpture depends on space. As a visual artform that exists in three dimensions, it shares our world. It has tactile presence and can be created from a huge variety of materials. And as a physical, dimensional artform, sculpture is also dynamic. …

One Nation with Liberty & Justice for All

The theme of the show reflects Heller Museum’s commitment to present exhibitions that explore the impact of social issues on contemporary society through works by contemporary visual artists.       ​Border Landscapes was inspired by my research trip to the US/Mexican border. I drove 1,300 miles along the Rio Grande from El Paso to Brownsville looking at the river, the …

Hard & Soft Contrasts: Textiles, Fiber & Sculpture

Opening on January 26, from 5:30-7:30, this exhibition is about materiality, breaking traditions and narratives and will include sculpture, textile and fiber works from 14 local, regional and international artists. Work shown explores how the choice and use of materials extend the artist’s imagination, use of color and subject matter. From steel to wood to fiber, each artist experiments with …

Preserving Mali’s Motion Picture Heritage

Preserving Mali’s Motion Picture Film Heritage is an exciting project that took place in November and December.  With funding from a US Public Diplomacy Small Grant, Bouna Cherif Fofana and Alassane Poudjougou of the Center National de la Cinématographie du Mali (CNCM), traveled to the United States for technical training, knowledge exchange and professional development in the field of conservation, …

New York Artist, Janet Goldner Received Fulbright Specialist Grant to Uganda

Goldner presented a six week workshop for visual art students in Dept of Fine Arts at Makerere University in Kampala. We will focus on found and local materials to explore social issues. Exhibition Catalogue:

Women in the Arts: Breaking New Ground

Triangles have been part of my vocabulary for many years and appear frequently in my sculptures. Triangles, circles, squares are primary shapes like primary colors: red, yellow, blue.  Structurally, triangles are the strongest shape. Any weight placed on them is evenly distributed between all three sides.Triangles are often associated with feminine energy. The number 3 is a very mystical and spiritual number featured in …

Border Landscape 3

SCALE: Landscape and Abstraction

Curated by Cecilia Andre ARTISTS: Monique Allain, Marianne Barcellona, Beth Barry, Walter Brown, Alli Berman, Yvette Cohen, Pauline Galiana, Janet Goldner, Susan Grucci, Cassandra Jennings Hall, Shelley Haven, Sandra Indig, Jacqueline Sferra Rada, Shira Toren, Ellen WeiderThursdays & Fridays 12-4pm, Sundays 12-3The Great Hall GalleryFirst Presbyterian Church12 West 12th Street, NYC212 675-6150