Making Space

Making Space is an ongoing online exhibition curated by Sarah Haviland and Eileen Hoffman of the NY Artists Circle. 

Sculpture depends on space. As a visual artform that exists in three dimensions, it shares our world. It has tactile presence and can be created from a huge variety of materials. And as a physical, dimensional artform, sculpture is also dynamic. Our experience changes as we move around it, or even, as with installations, as we interact with it. 

This exhibition presents one view of one sculpture each by 20 New York Artists Circle members whose primary practice focuses on sculpture and installation. In an online exhibition presenting a sculpture through just one photograph, we need to remember we are only getting a glimpse, a moment in time, from the full sensory experience of sculpture. However, the vitality of the work comes through loud and clear offering powerful images with eloquent messages.” 

In Making Space, you will experience a wide range of approaches and media in the ever-expanding field of sculpture. This includes traditions of fired ceramic, cast bronze, and welded steel, as well as explorations in mixed media involving found objects, wire mesh, fibers, organic matter, paper, and plastics. Imagery crosses between figuration, abstraction, and the in-between, while subjects touch on family narratives, social commentary, science and technology, isolation, dreams, mythology, and the environment.

Sculpture is making. For sculptors, it is exciting to combine the elements of movement through space, light, color, and form. It’s a thrill to imagine, to sketch, to experiment, and to use materials to make things develop from a vision into physical reality. Words, thoughts, and images combine as we try to make it real. With energy and visual wit, these sculptors present a meaningful overview of contemporary sculpture.

“Art is doing. Art deals directly with life.”  – Ruth Asawa

“The essence of sculpture is for me the perception of space, the continuum of our existence.”

– Isamu Noguchi