Inside Out: A Writing Workshop for Artists



Inside Out: A Writing Workshop for Artists is a valuable self assessment tool for any artist. Participants, regardless of medium, are guided to examine the reasons and context of their artistic production to deepen their understanding of their work and encourage personal and professional growth. The workshop was inspired by the pedagogy of feminist art historian Arlene Raven.

Ideally the workshop meets six times over a period of two or three weeks. It is flexible enough to be modified to meet time constraints. Starting from a list of questions and exercises, artists learn to write and speak about their work and to present it to the public. By examining their artistic practice, participants learn to better understand their own work. And they learn to articulate their work to others with confidence – both verbally and in writing.

The process encourages participants to form a closer community and introduces them to collaboration. The workshop can be extended to include hands on collaborative component.

By the end of the workshop, students will write a clear concise artists’ statement that expresses their aims, goals and the context of their work. The workshop has been successfully conducted at universities and galleries in the US and internationally including Fulbright Specialist grants in Mali (2009), Zimbabwe (2012) and Japan (2020).

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