You Will Know Me: Migration Stories

Janet participated in You Will Know Me, a group exhibition curated by Tara Sabharwal in response to the 2016 US elections. The exhibition featuring works by artists from all over the globe.

New York Artist, Janet Goldner Receives Fulbright Specialist Grant to Japan

Goldner presented a three week workshop for visual art students at Kyoto Seika University. Inspired by a process originated by the renowned feminist art critic, Arlene Raven, participants are guided to examine the reasons and context of their artistic production in order to deepen their understanding of their work and learn how to present their work.

Bogolan Workshop

Each year, the Friends Academy Middle School comes together as a whole community for an Arts Celebration. Goldner taught a four day Bogolan Workshop. The first day included an introduction to bogolan, history, uses, symbols. Students experimented with clay slip from Mali on a small cotton cloth. The second day, students worked on a larger cloth. On the third day, …

Vision Festival

Ebola Came to Mali on a Bus, Steel, Gloves, Goggles, 10′ x 12′ x 4′. 2015 Images of Goldner’s work were projected during the concert at the Vision Festival. Founded in 1996, the Vision Festival is New York City’s longest continuously running jazz festival.  Now in its 24th year, this festival of music, dance, poetry, and visual art is heralded …


Goldner’s installations, Fences & Neighbors and Fire & Water were shown at Segou,Art, 2nd Edition, in the Invited Senior Artist section of the Festival.  Sponsored by the Festival sur le Niger Foundation, Segou’Art brings together contemporary art and artists from more than 20 countries in Africa and elsewhere. 

Inside Out: A Workshop for Women Artists from Mali

Inside Out is a valuable self-assessment tool for artists. Participants, whatever their medium, are invited to examine the reasons and context of their artistic production. This leads to a deeper understanding of their work and encourages their personal and professional development. This workshop was inspired by the pedagogy of art historian, Arlene Raven.

70th Anniversary of the Declaration Human Rights

Janet Goldner was proud to be included in an exhibition commissioned by The United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in celebration of the closing of the 70th Anniversary of the Declaration Human Rights.

The Politics of Space

As Life Slips Away, 2017 Presented by The Sculptors Guild in Collaboration with LIC-A; Janet Goldner, As Life Slips Away, Steel,  2017 — As Life Slips Away is a wall installation that pays homage to my mother who died in July 2017. I spent her last week with her in her home in California. The text is from my memories of her …

Point of Water

The Point of Water is a wall installation that uses fabricated, recycled, and found steel objects. In Bamana thought in addition to north, south east and west there is a 5th cardinal point: the point of water. Access to water determines where villages are located.  The circle can be like a drop of rain, a symbol of water.  And the ellipse …

Artist Residency in Ethiopia

Goldner had a 5 day artist residency at The Ethiopian Tire and Rubber Economic Plant (ETREP). She made 6 steel sculptures and 2 rubber pieces. It was a wonderful place to work. All this work poured out effortlessly. The factory art and industry program is the initiative of Gossa GS Oda, CEO of ETREP.