Carter Burden Gallery presents a new online exclusive exhibition. The exhibition can be seen on Carter Burden’s website and 

Master welder, Janet Goldner presents free standing and wall mounted steel sculptures in Glyphs her second exhibition with Carter Burden Gallery. While this exhibition highlights her steel sculptures, her work explores culture, identity and social justice in various media: steel sculpture, photography, video, installation and social projects. It consistently bridges diverse cultures, celebrating the unique beauty and genius of each as well as what we have in common. Goldner is at once an artist and researcher; her immersive fieldwork and annual visits to Mali provide her with inspiration. She writes, “Social projects internationally and in the US include participation with diverse groups of artists and non-artists. I engage in long-term collaborations, particularly with Malian artists. We are all, at the same time, researcher and object of research producing dialogues and concrete works of art.”