Black Lives Matter

BLACK LIVES MATTER is a group exhibition asking the question, What does #blacklivesmatter mean to you?

This mixed-media exhibition, inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement, was curated by MCLA professors Dr. Frances Jones-Sneed and Melanie Mowinski.

#BlackLivesMatter first came to light in 2012 when a young, unarmed, black male, Trayvon Martin, was shot and killed. Martin’s death and the acquittal of his accused killer sparked protests and the Black Lives Matter movement. The movement – started by Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi – challenges the anti-black racism that plagues society today, Mowinski said.

Artists were asked to submit works of all mediums to answer the question, “What does #BlackLivesMatter mean to you?” They were encouraged to explore from the literal to the conceptual underpinnings of Black Lives Matter and to examine the impact of state and national violence on black lives, Mowinski said.

The exhibit strives to encourage and incite conversation about race relations, the importance of black lives, and proposals for what we each must do to make a difference in our society regardless of our gender, race or place in society.

The exhibit includes artworks from 30 artists from 17 states at varying stages in their careers: from emerging to established artists. The mediums of the artworks include traditional art forms like drawing, painting and sculpture, but also time-based mediums like video and artist books as well as participatory pieces.

Gallery 51
Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts
51 Main Street
North Adams, MA