2014 Art & the Environment Photo Contest: Notable Entry

Pots Ready for Firing ||| Firings take place every Saturday and Sunday. By mid-afternoon, the unfired pots are brought to the firing place. This takes many hours. For each trip to the firing place, a woman carries at least two on her head and one in her hand. Visible here are pots for storing water, cooking, carrying embers, and wavy lipped flower pots.Janet’s photograph was chosen as a Notable Entry by the Theo Westenberger Estate and is featured on their Facebook page :

Today’s Notable Entry is by Photographer JANET GOLDNER, Entitled “Pottery, Kalabougou, Mali”

Description: “Kalabougou, Mali is a village renowned for its potters and pottery partly because of the quality of the clay found in and around the village.The women potters of Kalabougou are upholders of a long tradition of skill, resilience, humanity and protection of their environment which provides them with their livelihood and identity.”

Theo Westenberger was an extraordinary Artist and photographer. She dedicated her legacy to supporting women artists, animals and the environment.