Fulbright at 75: Celebrating a Legacy of Global Friendships

I presented i ni ce, thank you, merci: An Ongoing Dialogue about Art, Life and Building Bridges at the Fulbright Association annual conference on October 21, 2021.

Since my 1995 Fulbright Senior Research Fellowship to Mali, I have been part of long term, ongoing artistic collaborations with Malian contemporary artists.  We are all, at the same time, researcher and object of research producing dialogue and concrete works of art. Working transculturally unites people from different cultures, education, histories. The exchange of perspectives and contexts can highlight global similarities and specific cultural differences as contributors think together, contributing beliefs and strategies from their individual experiences.  As the work continues over a long period of time, the result can be an identity that is not exclusively linked to a geographic location or ethnicity but to new cultural and conceptual realms. https://fulbright.org/2021-conference/