Groupe Bogolan Kasobane: The Art of Clay from Mali

This exhibition of contemporary and traditional bogolan from Mali revolves around the contemporary bogolan paintings of the Groupe Bogolan Kasobane and the ancient origins of the ancestral Malian technique as women’s work. The exhibition also includes works by other artists who have been influenced by and collaborated with the Groupe. The show will introduce the Spanish public to the contemporary works of this group of pioneers in Mali who use this traditional technique to make works of contemporary art. It is in memory of Kandioura Coulibaly.

The participating artists are: Kandioura Coulibaly, Kletigui Dembele, Boubacar Doumbia, Souleymane Goro, Baba Fallo Keita and Nené Thiam of the Groupe Bobolan Kasobane. Included friends and collaborators are: Ladji Barry, Irene López de Castro, Fatoumata Tioye Coulibaly, John Damanti, Tiecoura N’Daou, Senou Fofana, Janet Goldner, and Annick Turner.