Transcultural Collaborations: Collapsing Distance, Transforming Home


Transculture refers to the act of uniting people from different backgrounds and cultures in an effort to exchange varied perspectives and contexts. An exchange of this sort can potentially yield global/universal similarities and specific cultural differences. It is a way for people to think together while contributing beliefs and strategies from their individual experiences. Careful attention must be paid to power relations in order to maximize the interaction. As the work continues over a long period of time, the result can be an identity that is not exclusively linked to a geographic location or ethnicity but to new cultural and conceptual realms. Dialogues in the Visual Arts is a theme-based visual arts program focusing on the work of multiple artists sharing one bill and moderated by critics, gallery owners and curators.

moderated by Janet Goldner;

panelists: Hector Canonge, Lydia Matthews, Kandioura Coulibaly & Kletigui Dembele