Farm Project 2013

Interesting Times-detail; The global breadth of the crisis

Goldner’s installation, Interesting Times, is on view as part of the Farm Project 2013.
Curated by Collaborative Concepts
Sculptures by over 60 artists

Goldner’s work is mentioned in a review of the Farm Project. Click here 

Interesting Times is a series of 12 banners that present images of cultural sites in countries where there have been recent upheavals along with images of protests. The individual banners are 1′ x 4′ & are strung together & suspended like prayer flags or laundry.

The countries included are Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Mali, Syria, Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Turkey, Brazil as well as Occupy & Wisconsin. The cultural context is usually missing from reports in the media.

The intension is to show their rich cultural heritage that is important to all of us & the depth of the global crisis.