Roundtable: Reflecting on the Ways Forward in Mali


This roundtable assembled a variety of academics and policy makers working in Mali in different areas, and from different perspectives. We come together to discuss ways to build a durable peace, responsible government and vibrant civil society in Mali.

Part 1 focused on the political, military, and economic dimensions of the crisis and the future and included Greg Mann, historian, Columbia University, Bruce Whitehouse, anthropologist, LeHigh University, Bruce Hall, historian, Duke University, Jamie Bleck, political scientist, Notre Dame University, William Moseley, geographer, Macalester College.

Part 2 focused on inter-ethnic relations, the arts, and the Tuareg communities’ role in the future of the Malian nation state. Panelists were Kassim Kone, anthropologist, SUNY Cortland, Mike Simsik, Former Peace Corp Director, Mali, Susan Rasmussen, anthropologist, University of Houston, Janet Goldner, independent scholar/artist, Barbara Hoffman, anthropologist, Cleveland State University